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Morning Star Journey

Janna Gustaffeson’s adventures continue in Morning Star Journey as she and Theo ponder the future of threatened ranch land, a stalker appears on Janna’s tail, and her sketching partner, Red Thunder disappears on an extended mission for the DEA. As the months go by, Janna’s four children are meeting new challenges and needing her guidance, even while she negotiates with a Native American medicine man and his pet skunk pertaining to maintenance of the ancient Mesa House found on the Gustaffeson Cornbread Mesa Ranch the previous year. Janna manages to maintain her career as wildlife artist pursuing photography and sketching forays out into the wilds, amidst requests coming from cop friend, Bob Taggert, to go on stakeout to thwart the murder of an old acquaintance, and while trying to sort out the confusion that surrounds the “good works” of her catastrophic, but kindly Aunt Myrtle. All is resolved in unexpected ways, but Janna’s thinking must travel down many pathways to reach a satisfactory destination.

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